Thursday, 2 December 2010


well today hasnt gone too well. got up at 3:45 for work , all I could think of was toast , so i had 2 with one dairylea light spread on them. I was gutted to find out that 1 bread is 5 sins :-(
I had another to mop up my bacon egg and beans dinner , so theres 15 sins , my total allowance for the day! I have had boiled rice with curry for tea, and have just sucummed to a spare meat and potato pie !
I am going to log it all, and move on, truth will out next tues !
Angie has put the decs up today , it looks really nice. the snow is still playing havoc at work , and tonight they reckon its going to drop to -10 c. Our rabbit got out earlier , but luckily we managed to find it, a white rabbit in deep snow !

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