Sunday, 19 December 2010

I Am But A Man!

And I am entitled to sulk! I have decided to post this, 'cos Angie assured me that I wouldn't!
A few of my latest sulks - today Angie and the 2 yougest girls have been to the complete hell hole commonly known as Primark. The plan was to get on my 231 which passes the end of our street.
angie being exactly that, she missed it! I was gutted, I was so looking forward to having them on my bus.
2nd (and more desevered in my own stupid opinion) was a few days ago. Last week I bought mrs muffin an xmas card, and was still waiting for one in return. Imagine my indignation when mrs talking to eldest daughter remarks she must buy her boyfriend a card for his birthday!! Ok for him but tough shit for me! Well I remarked on this,and shortly after,she despatched herself to the asda,and I got my card!
So there you go , im a moody bleeder !! Show me a man who isn't !

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