Thursday, 28 March 2013


I had a nice walk yesterday, in the snow in My Native Hadfield.

I was distraught to see this

This is The Masons Arms, rumoured to be turned into a Tesco Express Store.

In this pub the first two of my serious relationships started.
My first love sent a messenger down to get me from the pub, about 9 months after asking her out,to tell me that she loved me one night.

Then on my 21st birthday in the same pub I told my ex girlfriend who was now with my best friend that I still loved her. She told me that was tough, but within 5 months we were back together, and married within the year, so you can see, this place was special to me. i lost my 2 front teeth after sinking tons of pernod in there, just after I had turned 18 !!

Here is the video to my walk Walkies

Elsewhere, It's only 5 weeks to our holidays, and we are getting giddy now !

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The First Day Of Spring

Still here, still working, our holiday is only 7 weeks away now, so it's getting better.
We have scaffolding up at the side of the house, we are finally getting our roof and gable end sorted !

We went out the other night, to support a few friends that were working at the Apethorn pub in Hyde.


Vicky - My Heart Will Go On

We had a great night !