Thursday, 31 March 2011

Manflu Again ! And Again !

Well it has progressed to a full head cold now , with pain in most of my body. I can't afford time off, so on with the show ! It is helping me excorsise the demon alcohol though, not had any since Sunday now! A new month tomorrow, so Im going to start trying to eat a bit more healthy, and take my multi vits and cod liver oil i bought at xmas ! Its a bad time to be ill, im in a 7 day work pattern at the mo , no day off untill next wednesday , but i have a lot of middles so not getting up at the crack of dawn which is nice. I have applied at work with my credit union for a loan to pay our holiday off, im praying i get it, the waiting is agonizing !

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Poorly Again !

Well i now have what Angie has had , a very chesty cough , sore throat and up and down temp. finding it difficult to sleep, it's not quite manflu as i had a while back recorded on here. I was on a split shift today , so i grabbed 2 hours inbetween which was nice. Im on lime and soda for the second night , i do believe im getting bored of alcohol , long may it reign ! If i manage to keep off it , we are going to rejoin SW with the money we save !

Monday, 28 March 2011

A good weekend!

We had a nice weekend on a budget ! A trip to manchester on the bus for a look round, i still had a £24 voucher from the shop i part exed all my gear to get my IP4, so we got the girls Dance Central for the xbox they have wanted for ages, it was only £25 so only had to put a quid to! Back to reality today , and the first day at work where pensioners have to put their bus passes on the ticket machine, i thought it was going to be a mare, but it wasn't that bad. Im off tomoz , so going out for a cycle somewhere hopefully. Just read an interesting point of a ww friends blog of mine, about large people blaming everybody for their size bar themselves, couldn't agree more , im a fat fooker , and its all paid for ! I did read the other day , the "beer" belly i have is a load of bollocks, even overwieght non drinkers still get the same spread if they over eat !

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hate middles !

Sat here waiting to go to work. Angie in bed , full of Flu, wish i could help her.
Just had a 2 mile walk to town and back for a few bits, before i go to work and sit on my arse!
Im dribbling like a fool for an ipad 2 , but its going to be a long while, angies wages have been cocked up at work this month, so weare going to be mega skint!
Its been gorgeous for the last few days , warmer than abroad!

Monday, 21 March 2011

The Day After The Night Before

We had a fabulous night last night, a good old family night in , im not so bad , but Angie is quite poorly, due to the combined pain of a very heavy cycle and hangover!

Here is a short video from our night out Saturday.

I'm back in work tomorow, on a semi late , but no alcohol tonight and an early night in order!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Well, It Was A Fab Day !

We did a 3.5 mile walk to the park , with our gorgeous grandson Ryley, after we had attended the singup finale at our local football club.
At night we went to a local pub to see a band that is made up with a few friends of ours,and had a great night, I also got to meet up with one of my best friends from school, that i havent seen for 30 years ! I will post some video later.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Today is going to be a good day

Well we all watched Red Nose Day last night, we all had a good cry, but as I get older I see the bigger picture, and I can't help getting angry that most of the cases featured are poor children born into big families with no income whatsoever,so should they really be having kids at all?
And of course most people we know, including ourselves are struggling to get by day by day!
Anyway , one of our girls is singing up at the local football club today with her school, for the "sing it up" finale. We are going to watch it , and im hoping to be allowed to video it, and i will share it.
Tonight we are off to a nearby pub we don't normally go in, to see one of the mrs friends husband, who is in a band , doing their first official gig. We saw them at a party last halloween, and they were very good.
I may video a few bits on my phone to share too!
Im going for a quick blast on my bike today too, its going to be the best weekend weather of the year, allegedley !

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Looks Around, It's Dark In Here

Still here, just had a week off , we had a fabulous time together, went to town one day , and had a scrote afternoon on Thursday, and boy did we meet some. The conversations and sights we saw you had to see to believe!
Im still 15.10 , so quite pleased with that.
We have some frogspawn for the girls to watch develop, its coming along nicley, you can see the video's at chriskaraokeman on youtube.
We are both coming round to the notion we need to get back on the diet bandwagon, but alas i finish tomorrow until tuesday, so its party on this weekend !
I'm putting in for a promotion at work, don't think I will get it this time , but it will get my name known at head office, to be heard many times in the future i hope !

Monday, 7 March 2011

Still breathing !

Well its been a stressful last month, the mortgage company were being right twats and trying to take our house off us , but thanks to our very best friends and the court we are ok!
Not dieting as such, but not being stupid, and my beer consumption is way down , because of my job , but this week , im on holiday, so party on !
Here a few pics i took on a 3 mile walk yesterday