Monday, 28 March 2011

A good weekend!

We had a nice weekend on a budget ! A trip to manchester on the bus for a look round, i still had a £24 voucher from the shop i part exed all my gear to get my IP4, so we got the girls Dance Central for the xbox they have wanted for ages, it was only £25 so only had to put a quid to! Back to reality today , and the first day at work where pensioners have to put their bus passes on the ticket machine, i thought it was going to be a mare, but it wasn't that bad. Im off tomoz , so going out for a cycle somewhere hopefully. Just read an interesting point of a ww friends blog of mine, about large people blaming everybody for their size bar themselves, couldn't agree more , im a fat fooker , and its all paid for ! I did read the other day , the "beer" belly i have is a load of bollocks, even overwieght non drinkers still get the same spread if they over eat !

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