Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Looks Around, It's Dark In Here

Still here, just had a week off , we had a fabulous time together, went to town one day , and had a scrote afternoon on Thursday, and boy did we meet some. The conversations and sights we saw you had to see to believe!
Im still 15.10 , so quite pleased with that.
We have some frogspawn for the girls to watch develop, its coming along nicley, you can see the video's at chriskaraokeman on youtube.
We are both coming round to the notion we need to get back on the diet bandwagon, but alas i finish tomorrow until tuesday, so its party on this weekend !
I'm putting in for a promotion at work, don't think I will get it this time , but it will get my name known at head office, to be heard many times in the future i hope !

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