Saturday, 19 March 2011

Today is going to be a good day

Well we all watched Red Nose Day last night, we all had a good cry, but as I get older I see the bigger picture, and I can't help getting angry that most of the cases featured are poor children born into big families with no income whatsoever,so should they really be having kids at all?
And of course most people we know, including ourselves are struggling to get by day by day!
Anyway , one of our girls is singing up at the local football club today with her school, for the "sing it up" finale. We are going to watch it , and im hoping to be allowed to video it, and i will share it.
Tonight we are off to a nearby pub we don't normally go in, to see one of the mrs friends husband, who is in a band , doing their first official gig. We saw them at a party last halloween, and they were very good.
I may video a few bits on my phone to share too!
Im going for a quick blast on my bike today too, its going to be the best weekend weather of the year, allegedley !

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