Thursday, 28 January 2010

2 Weeks On

And I am still loving my new job ! Get my first wage tomorow ! Training going ace,I think they are going to accelerate me going on nights,which suits me,it will stop me drinking cider 5 nights a week ! Not going on WW board as much now, but I will when i have time again.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Panning out ace

I had my first aprasil (sp) today. They are so chuffed with me,in my first week. They now want me to take more responsabilty for the company,than they thought I could handle. I have recieved my contract,ordered my uniform,and got my own PC and desk,with internet access !
it will be better though WW wise,when im on nights for 5 days a week !

Monday, 18 January 2010

First Day @ Work !

All went ok,a hell of a lot to learn,but after dinner I was logging and passing jobs on the PC,yet at 8:30 this morning,I was told all I had to do for the whole first week,is watch ! When i go on nights,its microwave meals time again. having WW shepards pies for Tea,doing really well with my points today so far !

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Nearly Here !

Well tomorrow I start my new job,work bag and butty box sorted already !
Not pointing as such,but still being sensible (mostly!). So glad the snow and ice has virtually dissapeared now. I have passed over the running of the stepping to goal group to Tracy now,and i must admit,its quite a relief to not having to check the WW site several times a day ! Its much nicer just to pop on there now and then. I had a phonecall last night,offering me a residency DJing at a pub every Fri & Sat, Doh ! After my 6 week training period,I go on nights,so can't do any friday gigs,it never rains,but it pours !

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


My Interview has been succesful,I got the job ! 6 weeks training on days,then working five nights a week,a godsend work = no drinking,what a good do ! That means around 12 litres of strongbow less per week,a lot of calories :-) Things are finally getting better ! I am sure I can hit goal by christmas this year.

Monday, 11 January 2010


My back is feeling a little better today,and i am eating healthily,and staying away from the beer tonight ! Here is a pic of our pooch,asleep last night !

Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Weekend

Is here,Restart definatley on Monday,we need to get a load of WW stuff in , salad ect,and because of the weather,everything has been messed up this week. my back has been hurting since Thursday too,I hope it clears soon. My interview went very well,but it turns out,I was the only one interviewd so far, as the other candidates could not make it in on Tues and Weds,so they need to be rescheduled,and I have spoken to the lovley HR manager,who admitted its a hell of a job to get the 2 managers together who conduct the interview,so it maybe a while before I find out either way,but she promised to keep in touch with me,which was nice !

Im going to try a walk into the town centre,hope it is not too uncomfortable. I may weigh myself after my shower too,gulp !

Heres another Pic I took recently. Any guesses what it is :-)

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Well I was doing so well,but sucumbed to home made chips,oven fish,peas,2 bread and butter,and washed down with the last 4 cans of Strongow in the fridge.
Still,that has gone now,so can't myther me.
This morning !! OMG Angie has been out all night working , and the almighty has dumped about 8 inches of snow overnight. She ended up getting stuck on a one way street. I have been down,and managed to move it much nearer home,and parked legally (pfft) women drivers !

Monday, 4 January 2010


Went Brilliantly,they were well chuffed I have worked nights,and I have experience of statistical control specifications.I try and not get too excited though,all my interviews go well,then if im lucky , i get a knock back,or hear nothing. The guy promised me i would hear back either way , within a week,with feedback either way about my interview ! On the WW front , i have had WW minestronie soup and 2 slices of white bread (no butter) for my lunch.

Update - I have now got an interview at the Salford Royal hospital,to be a Medical Laboratory Assistant,next Wednesday :-)

A New Start

Well it all started bad this morning,Big School was announced closed at 7:30am,primary school not answering phone until 8:20am,and Its open ! emergency stations manned,I go to the car in shorts and walking boots , to start it and warm it up,its only -10c !!

Kids despatched,its time for 2 bacon medallions (no fat whatsoever)thick bread and a fried egg on top ! I recon thats about 8 points max. I threw out all our points books ect months ago,when we fell off the wagon,so will have to attend a meeting sometime to get another shopping guide !

We have just had to walk upto school,a PE kit was forgotten,so we grabbed the dog,and went walkies. We then continued onto a walking track,the one we cycled all summer ! We did about 2 miles I think.

Its time to get changed now , Its nearly time for my interview !

Sunday, 3 January 2010


Well it was the awards on WW Tonight,I got a mention in the Male catergory. So did others,my friends,but I can't help feeling a little bit cheated,I have been around WW a lot longer than 2 of them,and I run a daily group on there. I thought that would clinch it for me , but thats life i guess !
Anyway , its restart for me and Angie tomoz , so watch this space !