Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Weekend

Is here,Restart definatley on Monday,we need to get a load of WW stuff in , salad ect,and because of the weather,everything has been messed up this week. my back has been hurting since Thursday too,I hope it clears soon. My interview went very well,but it turns out,I was the only one interviewd so far, as the other candidates could not make it in on Tues and Weds,so they need to be rescheduled,and I have spoken to the lovley HR manager,who admitted its a hell of a job to get the 2 managers together who conduct the interview,so it maybe a while before I find out either way,but she promised to keep in touch with me,which was nice !

Im going to try a walk into the town centre,hope it is not too uncomfortable. I may weigh myself after my shower too,gulp !

Heres another Pic I took recently. Any guesses what it is :-)