Monday, 4 January 2010


Went Brilliantly,they were well chuffed I have worked nights,and I have experience of statistical control specifications.I try and not get too excited though,all my interviews go well,then if im lucky , i get a knock back,or hear nothing. The guy promised me i would hear back either way , within a week,with feedback either way about my interview ! On the WW front , i have had WW minestronie soup and 2 slices of white bread (no butter) for my lunch.

Update - I have now got an interview at the Salford Royal hospital,to be a Medical Laboratory Assistant,next Wednesday :-)


  1. Hi
    Good luck with your job hunt

  2. The job hunting sems to be going at a good pace...go you!! The WW stuff will be so much easier to manage when you have a routine. :o)
    You're doin' great :o)