Monday, 4 January 2010

A New Start

Well it all started bad this morning,Big School was announced closed at 7:30am,primary school not answering phone until 8:20am,and Its open ! emergency stations manned,I go to the car in shorts and walking boots , to start it and warm it up,its only -10c !!

Kids despatched,its time for 2 bacon medallions (no fat whatsoever)thick bread and a fried egg on top ! I recon thats about 8 points max. I threw out all our points books ect months ago,when we fell off the wagon,so will have to attend a meeting sometime to get another shopping guide !

We have just had to walk upto school,a PE kit was forgotten,so we grabbed the dog,and went walkies. We then continued onto a walking track,the one we cycled all summer ! We did about 2 miles I think.

Its time to get changed now , Its nearly time for my interview !

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