Thursday, 30 April 2009


This is the Start of the Longdendale Trail, part of a trail that crosses the country from Hull to Liverpool. This part is laid on what used to be the railtrack from Hadfield to Sheffield,through the famous Woodhead Tunnel. The top two pictures are The Butchers and Cafe that feature in "The League of Gentlemen" On Station Rd in HadfieldI used to walk this walk everyday in 1990 - 1991 with my 2 year daughter Hazel on my back!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Better Comparison pics

I will alter these every half a stone,deleting the previous ones.

Very Quiet

Well its all ticking along here,still waiting to hear from the buses , both me and Angie behaving on our diets. Had an sp this morning showed 230.6 I WI on sat at 234.5 , but it means nowt , the WW scales are gospel ! Good luck everyone else with your WIs this week.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

3 Generations and 1 Stone Down

Well WI yesterday , I have lost 15 1/2 pounds now , well chuffed !

Our eldest daughter came round for a bit last night,and our grandaugher Casey fell asleep in Angies arms. It then dawned on me when Alyssa also sat down , there were 3 generations on the settee, so I took a picture. I really can't wait until I start on the buses, and can buy the Canon 40D camera I have got my heart set on.

The pic of me is the comparison picture, now 1 stone lighter than the original!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

WI and Walking

Yesterday I had a 4 and a half mile walk, down the local canal. I worked last night and had a lot to drink, but I did have quite a lot of points earned and saved. Me and Angie went to the meeting and I had lost 4lbs , and her 3lbs.

Friday, 24 April 2009


I am gutted , I inadvertantley did a big no no on the boards yesterday, I think it is called thread butting. I didnt know that was considered bad manners, and the person I did it too is a dear friend on the boards. I am hoping I will be forgiven, for a never to be repeated sin.
Other than that, The diet is going well, WI tomorrow, where all will be revealed.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Town Centre Today

I went for a brisk walk into the town centre today, to get a new washing line lol (No I an not a domestic God!)

Took a few pics on my phone , and a little video of a town cryer at the town hall below.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Manflu Day 5

Well Its moved down from my nose to my chest today ,I am wheezing like an old man.
Having a new electricity meter fitted this morning, and the plumber is coming to fix the boiler.
Angie worked all night , so hope she dosen't get disturbed. Im sat here with everything crossed, hoping I get a call or email from Cash convertors, where I had an interview Yesterday.
I am the worlds worst gadget freak , and to get a job in a shop that is gadget heaven would be awesome ! I am also going to ring First Buses , to see if my drug test is back yet !
I suppose I had better get some brekky whilst I can.
Hope everybody has a great day, I have had a great boost already with Jo's brilliant sucess and Steph getting her 50lb certificate, go go go girls xxxxx

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Big Fire In Oldham

Man flu Day 4

Im still a snot factory,and that with not drinking is really affecting my ability to sleep. Trouble with one of the kids isn't helping neither. Our boiler is buggered and a plumber is coming today , and we are really worried how much it is going to cost to fix it. On the boards more and more people with depression are popping up , and I am finding myself trying to help them,which is all new territory for me. I cant wait until friday, to ring the bus company , and see if my drug test is back and clear , it killed me having no crack and crystal meth last week !!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Typical English Sunday !

The sun was shining, Angies brother and his wife life next door , and we are so close, they mentioned they were going out for a pint , and would we like to join them. Is the pope catholic !!
Angie came home at 7 , but I stayed out until 11, then wobbled home after 8 pints of my beloved strongbow. Weighed myself this morning 16 Stone ! Thats dehydration for you!
I only went 9 points over though , and I had them in the bank.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Cycling !

Me and Angie have just done 2 miles of what should be gentle but because of our weight was strenuos cycling ! I do cycle on and off, and will be again tomorow when the kids are all back at school,but for Ang is was her first time on a bike since she was 16 and had none of the 6 kids !
She huffed and puffed , and can hardly stand now , but im trying to get her a proper ladies bike ,cos she did like it !

Man Flu Day Two

Well after all the mirth we retired to bed , Angie as I have said before can sleep anywhere, but I was struggling. As I kept drifting off,my nose would start to run. I finally got to sleep around 6 this morning. Ang got up at 9 and brought me a lemsip and co codamol. My whole body aches , and in the middle of the night i was shivering like a child,which is very strange for me !
i got up at 10.30, Its gonna be a nice day today , so im going to enjoy it. I wouldnt mind so much if i had had tons of cider last night , then I would desrve to feel like i do today !
Anyway , as dearest Cider Queen says , manflu is a myth , it don't exist !

Life in a Wardrobe

I would just like to thank all the people in Chatzy last night , where I had an amazing amount of fun,both clothed and sober ! There is such a great range of people on the boards , from razor sharp wit, to the slow burners, who don't say a lot , but when they do its hilairious !
For many years to come , I am going to chuckle at my self image of trying to get into a wardrobe and it not shutting because of my belly (you had to be there to understand this !)
Special note of merit goes to **kc** , who popped in for the 1st time i think ,and she hit the ground running , so funny good on you Kaz !

Saturday, 18 April 2009

And when we had arrived back at the carpark , the girls had a hot dog ( we used to have a cheeseburger) then they had ice cream. We had a bottle of diet pepsi !
What a rare Saturday night tonight , im not working , going to have to endure Britains got talent , and i am not even drinking, there is no point , if i cant tast my WW mints , then i wont taste the cider !

Dovestones from the top of the hill

Angie & Girls

Little ladies on a Rock !

Treatment for Man Flu !

Hike up a mountain ! We drove to Dovestons Reservoir,and instead of doing the gorgeous 7 mile round trip, we walked up to the top of the hill known as The indians Head , because the rock formation looks like an indian chief lying down at the top of the hill. See the Pics !

WI Today

So chuffed lost 3lbs this week, and we have now changed to Sat morn WI.
Im dying from manflu, and all the ladies couldn't give a shit !
My gig for tonight has been cancelled , but thats no bad thing the way im feeling now.
I am now officially a member of the 15 stone wannabees , so chuffed, The boards and people on them are a lifeline !

Friday, 17 April 2009

Trying to be good !

Well me and Angie are off out soon, i'm djing , and love it when she comes with me. I have 13 points left,and 11 in the bank , so should be ok !

A few pics of my Family

What a difference a Day makes!

Well , no cider last night , and a rubbish nights sleep, partly because alcohol does knock me out , and partly because we sleep in the dormer , and its so windy its scary up there ! Angie can sleep through anything. Another strange thing , I was a "morning person" lol , which is rare for me !
looking forward to my gig tonight , at a pub i used to be the resident dj , but its a gay bar now !

Thursday, 16 April 2009

I am really naughty with me Strongbow, not drinking tonight so got tons of points left ! I just had a slice of pepperoni pizza to use some lol.

And this is my 1st 7lbs lost , not much change, except for the new Car !

My 1st post

Hi people , all my brilliant friends I have met on the WW Boards, they are a lifesaver !

This is the photo that Started me back at WW

And this is the photo that I am going to take in half stone stages.