Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Manflu Day 5

Well Its moved down from my nose to my chest today ,I am wheezing like an old man.
Having a new electricity meter fitted this morning, and the plumber is coming to fix the boiler.
Angie worked all night , so hope she dosen't get disturbed. Im sat here with everything crossed, hoping I get a call or email from Cash convertors, where I had an interview Yesterday.
I am the worlds worst gadget freak , and to get a job in a shop that is gadget heaven would be awesome ! I am also going to ring First Buses , to see if my drug test is back yet !
I suppose I had better get some brekky whilst I can.
Hope everybody has a great day, I have had a great boost already with Jo's brilliant sucess and Steph getting her 50lb certificate, go go go girls xxxxx

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