Tuesday, 25 May 2010

It feels like I have been here before!

Well I have been , and so chuffed I lost 2.5 lbs , so my first silver seven of this campaign, to go with the four from last year! Half a pound,and I will be 2 stones lighter than when I started WW in March 2009. I have just got the WW pedometer, I hope it works. It resets at midnight though,which is a bit of a bummer,as I work nights!


  1. Why not set the clock on a 24hr clock and set midnight as midday, then the time would still be kind of right but would reset at midday? Well done on a great loss.

  2. Doh Shell, men are sposed to be the clever ones , get back in the kitchen woman!
    But, then again , awesome idea, have done it , many thanks, clever cloggs xx :-)