Monday, 15 November 2010

Thought I Would Say Hi !

Well not much of a diet going on at the mo, but i love reading back, so i should keep posting just for myself !

Angie has joined SW last week , i have had a quick peek at her file , and its mighty confusing!

But - then again , i think WW have lost the plot too! All this PP stuff, yet all the WW branded foods in the supermarket are still on points !

I am trying a bit again now,last week i didnt drink for 6 nights, but my long weekend has just passed,and boy oh boy have we enjoyed ourselves! On Friday we were having a quiet night in with a drink, but my inlaws who live next door were out in one of our locals, so we got dressed and met them for a few!

On saturday i decided we would treat the girls to a trip to Manchester, to see the christmas lights that were switched on the night before. Imagine our suprise as we passed a bar in Manchester , and the same inlaws walked out of it whilst we were passing ! So a few more beers, and a lovley Chinese buffet !

My job is going brilliant by the way , i love it, im back in tomorrow , i am on lates this week, so starting around 12 or 1 until around 9 ish at night.

Heres a picture of Manchester Town Hall

I have also bought a new tropical fish , a Pacu, which will grow to be a giant ! here is it !

Here is one caught for food , in the wild !
Angie has just celebrated her 40th birthday, we went to Cumbria for a few days , but to be honest i got the most of it, because the guesthouse owner is a guy i emailed on friends reunited 8 years ago, who i used to work for when i was 16 !
He got back to me a few months ago, so it was amazing for me to meet him and his wife 30 years on, and much catching up was done ! Sorry Angie lol xxxxxx
Well, no drinks last night , or the rest of this week , im not off now until sunday, i said when i started the job will do me good!

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