Monday, 9 January 2012

Woo Hoo History Repeats Itself !

Would you Adam & Eve It ! 4.5 lbs off today ( so my super dooper WW scales were right ! )
Thats 8 lbs in two weeks ! Well chuffed !
So - I got my half a stone certificate, and slimmer of the week. As a good friend has just pointed out on facebook,
"haven't you had these before " ? Well yes, I have,and are going to troll back through my blog and find out when !

Big difference this time though, I am still totally commited.
I have had some good exercise today too, a tree surgeon dumped his wagon on our drive (at our request ! ) and i shoveled it into a tub, carried down the side of the house and then dumping it in the hen pen.

Here are the happy ladies surveying the landscape, before I spread it out .

Just trolled back, 21st Dec 2010 Half a stone, and 14th Dwc 2010 Slimmer of the Week, wow that's a year ago ! Seems a few weeks ago !

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