Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Arm & Being Fat !

Well I took Canestan for a week , then got my skin results back , and it's fine !
So - I have been on 1% cortizone cream from Boots for the last 2 days , but after my "telephone consultation" with my doc this morning , she is prescribing me a stronger cream , to take for 2 weeks.
I decided its about time i started trying SW again today , my weight is getting me down again.
I have just walked 3.5 miles , burning 300 calories , and have had bacon egg and beans for brekky.
Life is pretty stressful at the mo, moneywise only i hasten to add !
Im working lates this week , which is very strange for me , not going to work until 3.30 and finishing after midnight, it also means me and angie don't get much time together,but looking ahead we are both off for a week soon.

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