Saturday, 7 May 2011

Lates nearly done

Its my last one today , I finished at 00:40 and by then most passengers are very drunk , and some abusive ! I'm so glad I am now with the mother to the world , and so can laugh at these tossers !
I have just realised I have had no alcohol for four days , and feel so much better for it !

We changed our holiday date yesterday , as we couldnt find the nearly three grand we needed by next week ! I know for a fact , this will be the last package holiday we will ever go on, until all the kids are grown up, for a 2 week holiday next year , its £5000, no way !
Jet 2 or eurocamps are the way to go !
The weather has now and well truley broken, no one is complaining though, we all need it !
Im also thinking about weight loss again , November is quite far away , and 2lbs a week could be mighty fine :-)

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