Monday, 9 May 2011

Phew !

Well that 7 days work on the trot done , and a day off tommorow. Im going to catch a bus upto my homeland of Hadfield and walk the Longdendale Trail from Hadfield to Woodhead tunnel, no matter what the weather. I was up for work at 3:15 this morning , I tried a snooze at 14:30, but the thunder woke me up shortly after. All the parents at school got caught in the deluge!
I have also completed 6 days without alcohol. Im going to try and make it 7 days, but one of our neighbours has given me 2 bottles of Strongbow, which dosent help !
I read an interesting article in our free Metro newspaper we have on our buses today , about walking. I love walking !
To Quote - a brisk walk for just a mile will burn 80 calories in someone who weighs ten stone.
This means an energetic walk to and from work,covering three-and-a-half miles in an hour,burns around 280 calories. When repeated each day,this zaps an impressive 3,900 calories - more than a pound of fat - every two weeks. End quote !

It's even better for me , as " And the good news is the amount of calories burnt also increases with speed, the shortness of your legs and your weight " As Meatloaf sings , 2 out 0f 3 ain't bad !
So as I am still wanting to avoid beer and walk a lot , I see this on my electronic friends blog.

She is in her old "Fat" trousers, with her daughter.
Stunning !

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