Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Tad Concerned !

Well planning for our street party this Friday are at an advanced stage , but there are a few concerns on the horizon. firstly the weather, according to who you believe , it ranges from definate rain to fair with 50% chance of rain.
the two main features of the party is an outside gig I will be doing , and a bouncy castle. neither of these are compatible with water ! Also , our eldest has recieved news yesterday that he is to leave for the U.S of A sometime this week. He is going to coach footballers in michigan , as part of his Uni degree. but - he has a conventional tower PC, and I have a laptop. When he finished Uni for this term , we swapped so when the call came for America, he could take a PC with him.
My laptop though is the DJ pc, and by the looks of it wont be here Friday !
I can still do it with the tower , but it means all the gear will have to be in the house, which is not good !
Im on a semi late today , so usual loneliness as Angie worked last night and is now sleeping.
i know thats mushy , but nearly 7 years down the line, i still miss her !
I'm still glowing with a warmth inside me after this weekend though , seeing the gig and 2 dear friends i have not seen since 1996, and the beautiful pictures I took , which are now my desktop wallpaper !
I have also just read an article online , about a lady that has lost 8 stones over 5 years, just by eating sensibly , and it has reminded me that its only 20 months to me being 50 , and i would like to be slim by then, so a restart at slimmingworld would be in order, but im working lates this week and next , so can't make it.

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