Thursday, 25 August 2011

Day 25 begins

And I am still on the wagon, a few people are moaning at me because i keep banging on about me not drinking, so I have shut up about it verbally and on FB, but as this is my blog, and nobody reads it, i will keep on chunnering about it to myself on here !
It seems everyday now on Facebook people update there status as Drunk, or feeling awful as a result of drinking. I do not miss these feelings ! And it's almost child like,getting up in the morning and feeling fine,with all memories of the night before !

I weighed myself this morning too , 15-6.5 which is a good true weight, no dehydration in effect here. I am thinking about giving up bread soon, but Angie has just come in from work with a hedgehog loaf from the Asdoh, and it's to die for ! So a lovley butty for my dinner today !
She has also got me a fruit box, with apple grapes and strawberries in , which I can eat now, but i never used to like them.

As one of my friends pointed out, I do talk a lot about my achievement, but im just proud of myself, i know me better than anyone else, and i am doing well. I have never yet been thinking "i need a drink" like i used to as i drove my bus around !

On another slightly related note, Angies face is getting better all the time, which I am so pleased about. She has also won an award at work for her care skills, im so proud of her, and she has to go to a ceremony to receive it, which has helped her see that as much as she is beating herself up about Sunday, that was only a blip, and to the people that matter to her, it dosen't mean a thing.

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