Monday, 22 August 2011

The Evils of Alcohol

Well it was 21days for me yesterday ! I did an 8 mile walk from our depot in Ashton to Manchester City Centre. It took just under 3 hours, the weather was nice, and we celebrated by going into the Piccadilly Pub. I had a bottle of becks alcohol free lager.

When I got home, Angie decided she would like a drink , as our eldest daughter was here and the weather was nice. so she bought a bottle of Vodka. By 7 o'clock she was drunk (annoyingly so), and steadily got worse. By 9 she had fallen off a stool at the breakfast bar, and was getting very unsteady. She disappeared to the toilet, and didn't return. I then got the news she had fallen in the loo, and smashed her face in, and indeed she had. I think her nose is broken, she has black eyes today, and various cuts on her forehead and face.
I have had virtually no sleep as she was in great pain after i had cleaned her up last night,and verged from happy to sad, then singing !

I feel so sorry for her today, and she is vowing to give up drinking, but i don't think this is the way to go round it. there is a big difference between 3 or 4 pints and 3/4 a bottle of 37 percent Vodka!

All this came on the back of me having a blind drunk man on my bus Saturday night, who was bouncing from pillar to post, and talking very loudly to his poor soberish wife, then running my bus back to the depot, I saw a man stood on the main road in Ashton stopping the traffic, very drunk, and as i got near him , he threw himself down onto the floor. It turns out today that after I had left, he started slashing his wrists too !

Getting back to last night here, I am so glad I was sober, and able to treat Angie, a month ago I would of been drunk too, and that dosen't bare thinking about !

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