Friday, 26 August 2011

Weekends here again !

And I'm working all of it, but hoping to attend our friends gig for a few hours after work tomorrow.
Angies face is getting better, and im so proud of myself, my months challenge is nearly up !
I have also cancelled my weightwatchers subscription, and joined the gym ! It's the same price per month, but you get a hell of a lot more. I can eat sensibly without paying £2 per 1lb I lose, which is what WW works out at !

I have my induction for the gym in the morning, and I'm well excited !

Today we had a wander around Ashton, and bought Georgia her new uniform as she moves to the "Big School" in September, I remember that feeling well, but 1974 is a long time ago. You can't buy 5 Park Drive Tipped now either !!

I also managed to fix the indicators on my motorbike yesterday, so many jobs have been done since I quit the booze !

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