Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Stumbling On

Well the dog hasn't dumped in the house since the first day we got her ! As soon as she wakes,or has been awake for half an hour we take her in the back garden,and always treat her when she "goes". She is getting more vocal everyday,she can now bark in a very high pitched way,she started at 5:25 this morning,and at 5:40 I gave in and got up. Diet is so so at the moment,dreading WI on Sat,I had a crunchie last night,and have just ate another one. i must track it and check the damage. I was stood in the school playground this morning,just muesing that its Oct tomoz,then it hit me like a thunderbolt,its our 4th anniversay on Saturday !


  1. Happy Anniversary for Saturday and good luck at WI. Oh the joy of having a puppy, i remember those days, i think babies are easier! Lol

  2. puppy is beautiful :0)