Saturday, 5 September 2009

Returned To Class !

I was so scared , it was being summoned to the heads office at School! As it turned out , our leader Jo is off today , she has took her daughter to see JLS at the lights turn on in Blackpool today. We both WI with a 3lb gain , but that still gave me an official WW 10%,so I got my keyring. I have also bought a pump today , so no more excuses , and back out on the bike I go.
Also,our neighbours have just had 2 tons of soil delivered,and i have offered to help shovel it , into wheelbarrows tomorow , so that must be worth a few BP !


  1. always a good idea helping other people with tasks i've volunteered to mow lawns whenever i can to get a few extra BP's

  2. Well done for going back. I need help to lift turf in my garden if you fancy a trip to Cardiff?!?!