Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Bloody Fook !

Where Do I Start ! There is a lighting factory in Ashton,which occasionally has jobs going,and uses employment agencies to recruit. In the past 2 years,I have had 3 inductions by 2 agencies.
No work has ever come from them,my last induction was four weeks ago.
6 Months ago,my most favourite group in the world announced a small tour,and the nearest they were coming to us is Holmefirth,about 15 miles away,but in the borough of Yorkshire.So we booked a hotel,arrival 1pm friday,so a nice relax ,then the gig. We get up Saturday,to a hearty english breakfast. Bliss! I even have found a place we can WI on Fri morn,before we depart for the hotel. I am also looking forward to an interview I have with the NHS,working in a pathology laboratory,which is for 1pm on Monday at the Manchester Royal Infermary. Life is good !!
Then - 11.43 this morning,I get a call on me moby,its only the agency "hi,can you start tomorrow?" Well naturally I said yes,I have been waiting 2 years to get in there,but now the afternoon in the hotel is dashed,and the Fri WI. Plus I cant have my NHS interview,but as Angie points out,even if I was lucky enough to get the job,it usually takes around 3 months before you start,and then I would have to commute to central Manchester every day,that would put 2 hours travelling on each working day. So,im going to start tomorrow,and hope I get taken on full time after christmas.Oh,by the way, I was ultra good yesterday,and saved 8 points,too many I know , but after the excess of the weekend,it won't do any harm !


  1. That's alway the way it goes isn't it?!

    At least you got the job though, so congratultions for that. These things happen for a reason!

    Mandy x

  2. Oh my god!! Well, well done for at last being offered a start date. I can totally understand not wanting a 2 hour commute!!!