Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Plodding On

Being good so far this week,had just water last night , and 5 points saved!
angie is very focussed too , its been difficult for the pair of us,after the weigh in 2 weeks ago , when she sts and I gained half a pound. Losing 1.5 lbs herself , and me 1 lb , has give us the kick up the bum we needed. I only need a 1 lb loss this saturday,to get my 10 percent,which I hoped to have 2 weeks ago!


  1. Plod away, it happens like this sometimes where you just lose motivation and then for some strange reason it just comes back.....fight it!

    Good Luck to both of you :o)

  2. Cheers hunny, wise words from an almighty inspiration xx