Monday, 5 October 2009

Anniversary over !

Had a good weekend,was our anniversary yesterday,4 blissful years!
Wi showed a 1.5 loss for me,just as it did on our WW scales,and we have both decided again to sack going to class at 10:00am on saturdays. Kim is getting bigger and funnier,but has only had one injection so far,and is still reluctant to walk on the lead,so not getting loads of exercise with her so far !


  1. You are going to give up going to meetings altogether?

  2. Yes hun £35 a month saved,now you have to q to WI and then sign in,and doggo after a load of beer,we would rather get up,angie will have a brew,but i wont drink owt,wait till i can do my oblutions , then WI on our sooper dooper WW scales !