Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Back in the groove ?

I hope so,me and angie had too much to drink on sunday,to celebrate her birthday,then fired spotify up,playing all our yesterdays songs,then it was 2 Am. Up at 7 ,feeling like shit,get the kids ready for school,then away to Alton Towers.We had a fabulous day,it was bouncing down until about 5 miles away,where it cleared ! got in there,no queues at all,we went on all the big rides,and on Oblivion twice ! We got home shattered at around 4:45,and were in bed for 7:30.
No beer,and we have both vowed to quit it,until at least xmas.We both know,drinking weakens your resolve greatly on the WW journey. So after a clean night,im tracking and eating properley today,and hoping this is the restart I have been praying for :-)

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