Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Doh ! (Week Three)

And I got an STS ! Angie hasn't been making that much of an effort, and lost 2lbs, got her first silver star and  her 5% - Biatch !!
I was devastated , ran 3 times , and a four and a half mile bike ride on Sunday.
So I have only just got the energy to type this, as I have resigned myself to crack on. It's time for week 2 on couch to 5K shortly, and this time you run for 1.5 minutes a time, not sure if I can manage that, but will try later, when it has cooled down.
I wouldn't of minded my STS, but SP's were showing one and a half pound loss, which would of given me my 5%. I do hope I have a good loss next week.

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