Friday, 30 December 2011

Day Three

I got a food blender for my birthday today, and here is our first soup, potato and leek,and it's delicious ! I have had 54 happy birthday posts on Facebook too, I must be getting more popular the older I Get ! Breakfast was an omelette with onions in, and dinner was supposed to be a chicken breast, but Gabbots had sold out, so I had to have a chicken salad muffin, so ten syns, gutted ! We had a fantastic sleep last night, as I wasn't in work until late today, but it was weird, I felt a bit punch drunk for the first part of my shift, as if I was hungover, yet I haven't had a drink ( and the fridge is full) since Monday! I'm working tomorrow too 11 - 19.00 , so not sure about drinking then, probably not.

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