Wednesday, 12 October 2011


But life has hurtled on ! Work work work, and terrible weather, that is bringing everybody down. Chucks are doing fine, but making a real mess of the back garden, which is pissing the boss off a bit, but the free eggs are great !
Just got 2 more days now , then it's my long weekend off, we have a charity do to attend to on Saturday, and one of my sons with my grand kids are coming and staying over, it will be manic but fun. He is going through a bad patch at the mo, so we are offering him all the support we can .
Peter the Pacu continues to grow, and is now on 3 slices of ham per day ! I have learnt they like hot dogs, so will try him on them soon !
Angie blew me away last Sunday , we went up to a friends house to take some pictures of his new grandaughter, and she was like a proffesional ! Here's one pic.

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