Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What a mind Fcuk !

Well what a morning I had, I had a very vivid dream that Carpenter ( where I used to work ) had decided to start it's cold cure mouldings department back up , and had asked me to join them as their Technical supervisor once again , except this time they would match my Bus wage ( I left the company because I had a very good job with all the trappings , except a shite wage )
So I woke up, realised it had all been a dream, but was gutted because the dream was so real. Then, after getting up, the mrs just mentions my childhood sweetheart had commented on my sisters birthday. When I say childhood I mean it, like 5 - 10 years old, but I suppose that was the first time I ever felt emotion for another female besides my mother, it was so innocent, and was never more than a peck here and there, but I suppose just for a moment I was reminded of childhood innocence which has long gone, but that knocked me for another six anyway !

Then - when I got to work , chatting to what I now know is a true friend,they remarked that they had noticed I had been quiet recently,and then went about readressing the thing that had been getting me down, told me a few home truths and made me feel much better !

To be honest, after doing 5 circulars this afternoon, it all seems like nothing now, but my head was really whirring this morning !

The other only thing of note today, a frail very elderley lady got on my bus In Stockport, struggled to get her pass out , and struggled to put it away. She then apologised saying " Sorry love , it's old age " I felt so sad for her I could of cried !

This was soon corrected though, when later on I had 3 elderly ladies screaming at me " where is the bus that should of been here at ten to ? " Bemused I asked a young lady behind them who go on after them , and the bus they were reffering too isnt even run by my bus company !! Guess I was in the wrong place at the wrong time , but it made me laugh !!

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