Monday, 7 November 2011

Hols first day

Got up shell shocked at 3.30 am, forgot the camera, the video camera charger,my phone charger and
Angies phone charging lead. Had a bit of a family crisis too, but managed to sort it.
We were 3/4 of an hour late boarding, then sat there for another half an hour,waiting for a slot to take off.
The flight was laborious at four hours, and were dissapointed as we honestly thought we had booked in flight
meals, but they don't do them anymore ! No TV neither! Other than that the flight was fine.
Another regular stand about at baggage, then we were away.
The place is absolutley beautiful, and I am finding it quite amusing, as we are the youngest here,and with kids!
The pool is nice, and the girls were straight in. There is a nice bar too,and as it'sthe end of the season
burgers are down from 3.50 euro's to 2 euro's:-)
We managed to find the strip, and a cheap spar shop. We hada chinese, but i thought it was shie,but the others
liked it. Some confusion with what time it is, we actually went to bed at 8 last night, but it wasa really long
day. Angie was very poorly on the plane, and Alyssa looked like death warmed up at the resteraunt!
We have all had a good nights sleep,and now ready for our first full day.

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