Monday, 26 January 2015

STS Pecking my head

Still behaving, done 30 days logging on MFP now, which I am proud of, knuckling down on boxing day !
My weight has not changed this week, I knew this time would come, but it still hurts.
The weather is so cold, my bike hasn't moved for weeks, except to go into the trainer for a few minutes, which I can't stand doing.
Walking is good, and I am going to walk to work today.
Angie says I have OCD about my weight loss this time, but everyone can see this is the real deal this time.
I am counting down the days until Pure gym opens here, a good workout after work at 1am will be just what I need.
I do get anxious when I cannot exercise, so Angie does have a point !
I have walked 103 miles this month, which is a record for me !

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