Monday, 19 January 2015

Best Laid Plans Of Mice and Men

Well, the visit to my brothers never happened, he had to work :-(
So we stayed at home, and invited the grown up kids with there kids,we had a bit of a shindig, and i dropped 12 cans of Cider !
I was in a happy mood, I weighed in at 13-13 or 195 lbs in the morning, which is a stunning achievement, even if I say so myself !
I didn't go over calories with food, and I never count cider, it is not often, only the second time this month I have had any.
Yesterday we went to visit another son, who is at uni, we had a Toby carvery, as it's his 20th birthday today .
This was all logged on MFP, and well within what I was allowed for the day .
Today I have just walked over 6 miles, to claw some calories back, back on it now for at least the next 8 days !

Some photo's from my walk this morning .

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