Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Hanging on

Another good day yesterday, considering the length of my shift, then we stayed up until 2.30 am watching "Prey" which is a rather good police drama on at the moment.
Getting plenty of exercise, in and out of the house, working lates it's very easy to get a walk in before work.

I had a bit of a panic attack, I had weighed myself,but then Angie remarked the battery in the scales had gone.
It then became a mission to get a new one, from the local Poundland, I would be lost if my morning ritual of going for a pee then weighing myself was interrupted !

We are off to Whitby Sunday, it is my long weekend, so I am going to allow myself a treat of a few scoops and Fish & Chips, I have never used all my points in the 9 Days so far with WW !

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