Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Payback Time (Week Six )

And so to weigh in we trudged last night. On Thurs I treated all the family to a take out curry, as means of absolution to my digression ! ( That didn't really cut the mustard, it wasn't until late on Saturday I was finally forgiven. Anyway, on Sunday it was Bowling with my works social club, so we had a great time, and some more drink.
I weighed in last night, and I have put 2 pounds on. Angie has been as bad as me, maybe even worse,  and lost half a pound !

So - here I am , on a mission to get a loss for next week, so no prob with cider, as I am working until Saturday afternoon, but then we are off to a wedding reception, where I must pace myself. If I can hang on to my weekly allowance, that means I can have seven pints that night !

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