Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Now The Carnival Is Over !

And we are back from Turkey with a bump! I was fading in energy come midnight, which was causing some friction with the boss, as well as really bad diarrhea and sickness for both our daughters, then the trots got me. I hardly ate anything for the last three days, and my last visit to the toilet before leaving for the airport was 80% blood, which was a tad scary, I have never done that before !
As soon as we got back home, we both weighed ourselves , and are not happy !
I am now 16.7.5 and need to do something about it. Since returning, my appetite has not returned fully,and I am taking advantage of this. I have installed my fitness pal on my phone again (9.5 lbs heavier than last time I used it ) and so am tracking every calorie I eat and drink.
When I go to work now, I am taking water instead of juice.
I am going back to basic calorie counting, it worked for me once, so can again !
I have also discovered that my gym membership that I thought had been cancelled has not been, so will be heading back there soon, as time permits .

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