Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Life Goes On

Still kicking ! Just finished our week off, started quietly , then our day out on Thursday was a blast, and then the wedding of a good friend of ours on Saturday, It was the most amazing wedding we have ever been too, and must of cost a fortune. It's location however is another story.
We had never been to Chorley, and were amazed by the number of roundabouts and one way systems, it's a nightmare ! Couple this with the fact there are only 2 taxi firms, and the one we waited nearly an hour for only had 5 cars on the road, on a Saturday night ! It made us realise just what a good taxi setup we have here in Tameside.
I have applied for another inspectors job, still waiting for a yes or no to see if I get an interview.
I have sold the focus, managed to pay our holiday off, and bought a little 125 Yamaha scooter, which is a lot of fun !
Here we are waiting for the Taxi !

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