Sunday, 18 March 2012

Awol Again

Well, it's 16 days since I last posted. Tut Tut .
Truth is, I am off the wagon again, but only a bit. Been busy working on the back garden, and it is starting to look well.
It has been quite busy here too, Our eldest is about to go back to America, for a year,coaching kids how to play soccer! Personally I think he will settle there, and I can't fault him one little bit.
The person it will bother has her special day today, It's Mothers day here today.
I over indulged massively Friday, paid for it all yesterday,and was in bed for quarter past nine last night.
I have just got up, 6am and I am amazed that the 50 LED butterfly lights I have fitted to my newly built patio fence have been flashing all night. Excellent !
Last time I checked my weight, I hadnot gained any, for as per usual, it's work in progress :-)

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